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Leonard Hutton Galleries is pleased to announce its participation in Master Drawings New York 2017 with a solo exhibition of never before shown works on paper, by the French born-American artist, VICKY COLOMBET: TIME TRAVEL.

An iconoclast with an Asian approach to the practice of art and a language all her own, Colombet was influenced at an early age by her family travels to the Far East and throughout Europe. She found inspiration in the works of painters with ethereal, mathematical and philosophical leanings such as Fra Angelico, Piero Della Francesca and Paolo Ucello.

In many of these artworks, several elements, including air, water, earth, merge to manifest the dynamic flux of the universe. "Breathing" is the character Colombet looks for in a work. At first, the artist felt it was easier to produce drawings that were more alive than paintings, and this is why she never stopped drawing as a vital exercise of hand and mind, and as a record of her thoughts like notes for the fiction she would unfold on paper or canvas. “I am repeatedly questioning what can be read as landscapes as I am trying to capture a fleeting moment in the life of nature suggesting contemplation.” Until recently however, Colombet kept most of her drawings to herself.

During Master Drawings in New York her, until now, hidden artworks will be on view including:

  • “Brumes” ("Mists"): A group of drawings inspired by the Japanese poetic form of haiku. Two related drawings are layered imparting a painterly depth in their execution.
  • "Très Riches Heures ": A reflection on one of the most lavish late medieval illuminated manuscripts painted for the Duc de Berry and kept at the Condé museum in Chantilly (France).
  • “Google Maps of the “Très Riches Heures”: Using Google Earth, Vicky Colombet, went into a time travel quest for the places or castles painted in the calendar’s manuscript.
  • “Dialogues": A conceptual series that provides deeper insights into the artist’s thinking and process.
  • “Without Borders”: Magnified details of “Water Cycles”, these are preparatory drawings for Colombet’s monumental glasswork collaboration with architect Enric Ruiz-Geli at the Villa Nurbs (Spain).

As Jonathan Goodman aptly stated in his December 2014 Artcritical review: “The French-born American artist has been in New York for more than fifteen years. Developing an imagery of unusual, complex beauty, her art evokes historical Chinese landscape paintings with their extraordinary insights into nature.” ”[Her oeuvre] can be viewed both as pure abstraction and as studies of nature. They can manage to seem resolutely nonobjective while conveying the weight of a study of mountains or stone. In fact, her philosophy of form can be said to occupy a point where abstraction and nature meet. Colombet’s singular vision juggles the opposition of representation and abstraction. The notable intelligence of her art is, indeed, based upon an objective, nearly scholarly research into the relations between the two. Vicky Colombet extends our knowledge of art’s ability to communicate effects that are inherently mysterious but truly compelling as things to see.”

Vicky Colombet's work has been exhibited extensively on both sides of the Atlantic and is in numerous important private and museum collections in the US and in Europe. Most recently the Albright-Knox and the Marmottan-Monet museums acquired Vicky Colombet paintings for their permanent collections.

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